Flenexa plus s.r.o. is a stable Czech company founded in 2010 in the immediate vicinity of Olomouc.

The company mainly deals with energy, waste disposal, CNC machining and machine production and has recently been actively penetrating into the area of ​​sustainable food production mainly through aquaponics and hydroponics.

The basic idea of ​​the company’s management is to develop environmentally friendly solutions, especially in energy, food production and, last but not least, the use of secondary raw materials and waste disposal. For this reason, the company operates a biodegradable waste composting plant and several environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources, an aquaponic farm and used waste oil recovery facilities.

Ideas for business are not just economic, but the company puts emphasis on corporate social responsibility to both its surroundings and the environment.

Our Services

  • CNC & Conventional Machining– CNC manufacturing of rotating parts with high quality, precision and technological intensity is the main focus of production.
  • Waste treatment– we deal with the disposal of predominantly bio-waste and convert it into quality compost for use in agriculture, as well as the processing of used waste oils and their return to the production process
  • Aquaponics – As one of the first we started to run an aquaponic farm for the most part for research purposes. We offer consultations and opponent reviews for those interested in commercial installations, we also offer training and sharing of experience from our operation
  • Real Estate Services– As part of our business, we are also engaged in real estate and property development, rental and advisory services

To ensure the highest possible quality within the machining division, we use exclusively reputable company materials.

If required we can prepare the order exactly customizable including quality control, packaging, palletizing, or even shipping.

Composting is done by technology in bags and in stacks. We have also recently switched to the most environmentally friendly way, with vermicomposting using Californian earthworms. We dispose of bio-waste for citizens, businesses and municipalities. Compost sales are predominantly for wholesale customers.

In power plants, we produce green electricity using photovoltaic power plants and biomass energy sources.

We try to automate most of our activities as much as possible in line with Industry 4.0 and Agriculture 4.0.
We implement and develop, within our development, automatic monitoring and control systems for monitoring both the aquaponie tan system to support conventional manufacturing processes in machining and engineering.

Quality management is certified
according to ISO 9001: 2015.

In addition to the production program we also offer interested parties the opportunity to consult in areas

  • Small Energy
  • Waste Disposal
  • Composting operations
  • Building and operating aquaponic farms
  • CNC Machining