Company profile

We are a Czech company with a history since 2010 dealing mainly with mechanical production, energy and waste disposal and sustainable food production . We are located in our own premises on the outskirts of Přáslavice.

Our basic idea was to develop eco-friendly solutions , especially in energy, waste processing and food production. For this reason, our company operates a composting plant for the disposal of biodegradable waste and several environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources. Furthermore, there is an aquaponic farm in our premises, the first of its kind launched in the Czech Republic.

In the machining division, the company deals with materials machining at the modern Mori SEIKI NL 2500SY / 1250 and Mazak INTEGREX .

In order to gain new knowledge, the company implements its own research, especially in the field of waste treatment and food processing.

Detailed production program can be found on the websites of individual divisions.

Building on our project portfolio, we are able to provide assistance and consultation in the following areas:

  • CNC Machinin
  • Biological waste treatment and disposal
  • Pyrolysis and depolymerization of waste
  • Aquaponics
  • Industrial vermicomposting

CNC machining on modern five-axis CNC machining centers Mori SEIKI NL 2500SY / 1250 and Mazak INTEGREX.

Processing of biodegradable waste, regeneration of used oils, vermicomposting, treatment of sewage sludge from WWTP.

Sustainable food production, especially aquaponics, urban farming and Farm 4.0.

Equipment for depolymerization of plastics and tires, research and development in the field of industrial use of pyrolysis for waste processing.

Social activities in connection with the company's production activities, focusing on the integration of the disabled and handicapped into ordinary activities.

Research and development center carrying out research projects in the areas of aqauponia and waste treatment.