Technology and machinery

Machinery and technological equipment within the Flenexa plus divisions

Flenexa plus s.r.o. uses a number of modern technologies and technological developments of its own.

Our technology workers work with leading Czech universities and research organizations.

The company mainly deals with energy, waste disposal, CNC machining and machine production and has recently been actively penetrating into the area of ​​sustainable food production mainly through aquaponics and hydroponics. The main technology groups in Flenexa plus include:

  • kogeneration unit 600kWe
  • biological waste composting facility
  • Waste Depolymerization Facility
  • The technology of Aquaponic Farm & Farm 4.0
  • Modern machining centers in the CNC machining division

The basic idea of ​​the company’s management is to develop environmentally friendly solutions, especially in energy, food production and, last but not least, the use of secondary raw materials and waste disposal. Therefore, all technologies meet the demanding requirements for the least possible environmental impact.