Quality policy

On 1 May 2018, Flenexa plus s.r.o. announced the following quality policy according ISO 9001:2015


for company Flenexa plus s.r.o.


Quality policy includes corporate governance goals and commitments in key areas for customer satisfaction and strategic goals.

  1. Customer Relationship
    • Under all circumstances always meet customer requirements in good time and quality.
    • Create mutually beneficial long-term relationships.
    • Professional and honest behavior.
  2. Order Quality
    • Technology discipline and control
    • Good technical and technological background
    • Collaborate with business specialists
    • Collaborate with vendors with the required delivery quality and build mutually beneficial long term relationships
  3. Employee Participation
    • Professional and Professional Level of Own and External Workers
    • Check your own activity and full responsibility for its results
    • Teamwork and Mutual Communication
    • Respecting the rules set by the quality management system requirements and active approach to continuous improvement of all processes
  4. Quality Management System (QMS)
    • In 2018, apply the ISO 9001 process management system (quality management system) which is seen as an opportunity and means to optimize all business processes and provide tools for their continuous improvement.